3500 Series Natural Reinforced EVA Hose


Natural EVA




Natural EVA

Temp range

-50 F to +125 F
-45 C to +52 C


Used in various agriculture industries. Can be used with ammonia nitrate, liquid fertilizers, NH3 solutions, phosphoric acid, and several insecticides and pesticides. Black EVA has a better UV resistance.

Item NumberIDODWall*Max WPColorPackaging
3500.0600.30003/80.5950.110250 PSINatural300 ft Coil
3500.0600.60043/80.5950.110250 PSINatural600 ft Reel
3500.0800.30001/20.7200.110250 PSINatural300 ft Coil
3500.0800.60041/20.7200.110250 PSINatural600 ft Reel
3500.1000.30005/80.8450.110200 PSINatural300 ft Coil
3500.1000.60045/80.8450.110200 PSINatural600 ft Reel
3500.1200.30003/40.9700.110150 PSINatural300 ft Coil
3500.1200.50043/40.9700.110150 PSINatural500 ft Reel
3500.1600.200011.3000.150150 PSINatural200 ft Coil
3500.1600.300411.3000.150150 PSINatural300 ft Reel

* Working pressures shown are based at +68 F/+20 C